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Others were wary. But in the end, it made no difference. Whether lion or lamb, on average the males got cuckolded just as often. But in addition to measuring levels of aggression, the scientists also measured how quickly pairs began a duet and how often they sang duets after detecting an intruder. Those who reacted quickly and sang duets more are said to have a strong duet-singing response. Others were slower on the uptake. We found that pairs with a strong duet response had lower rates of cuckoldry, said study author and Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientist Emma Greig. Pairs were less likely to mate outside of their pair bond when they sang together more. The male and female will immediately fly together and perch on a branch right next to each other and start belting out these duets, added Baldassarre. If the males are particularly riled up, they will do this puff-back display, raising the orange or red feathers on their back to the intruder. While singing duets, their heads are thrown back to the sky with their beaks wide open. Even when pairs have a strong duet response, sometimes the mates still stray, but it does increase the likelihood that theyre raising physician home equity loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 mostly their own genetic offspring.

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